Feb. 2nd to June 30th, 2024

24/7 window viewing of light installation

5p – 11p Thurs – Sunday, view live video, light, robot performances through the windows

72 South Second Street, San Jose CA

free and open to all

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Opening Feb. 2nd, 2024 Dream Club Lab is the newest site-specific video and light sculpture Nighthouse Studio collaboration from Elaine Buckholtz and Ian Winters

Dream Club Lab is light, video and robot installation at 72 South 2nd St in San Jose that responds to both the sunlight and projected light at night creating a space for dreams and new visions of a city and space – yet there is no way to get inside. Inhabited by light, dreams and two robots it explores access and disembodiment both in abandoned physical spaces like the Lab and perhaps by metaphor in our everyday lives, where connections primarily exist in the ether.

Can we come together in various versions of a Dream Club Lab to conjure possibilities?

The Dream Club Lab is part of the San Jose Downtown Comprehensive Lighting Plan


you can learn more about the tools behind Dream Club Lab at https://github.com/thirtysevennorth/OSC_PIBOT